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Market research is the essential element for any entrepreneur wishing to set up his business or for any already established company wishing to launch a new product. This study makes it possible to collect a large amount of quantitative information and to verify the maturity of the target population towards the new product/service proposed. However, market research does not provide precise and qualitative insights on the final product/service. In order to collect qualitative information from the target population, our consultants can carry out Focus Groups to collect this data.


/ Collect feedback from potential consumers to measure the interest of the product/service.

/ Identify areas for improvement of the product/service according to the expectations of the respondents.

/ Identify the price consumers would be willing to pay.


In order to collect this information, our consultants can propose the following methodology consisting of 4 phases:

/ Recruitment of a panel of 4 to 8 people corresponding to the targeted profile.
/ Conducting interviews conducted by our consultants with transcription of verbatim and precise insights.
/ Analysis and synthesis of the data collected.
/ Recommendations on the final choice of product/service to best meet the needs and expectations of consumers.


The Focus Group generally intervenes after a market research. Our consultants can, in order to have an exhaustive view, offer you a positioning study or benchmarking to identify how your product could fit into the market and what its positioning/price could be. This will allow you to know your axes of differentiation compared to competing products.


1/ Receipt of your request

Our structure acknowledges receipt of your request and puts you in contact with one of our project managers.

2/ Physical or telephone appointment

We define your needs and problems together. Thus, we will specify together the major stakes and objectives.

3/ Commercial proposal within 48 hours

Within this proposal, you will find a precise methodology for the conduct of your study, as well as a provisional schedule and a detailed budget.

4/ Launching the study

Following the signature of the commercial proposal, we start the study in accordance with the methodology established with you.

5/ Carrying out the study

We select the best contributors among our panel of students from IÉSEG School of Management to carry out your study. We accompany our consultants on a daily basis in order to provide you with an analysis with high added value.

6/ Delivery of the final deliverable

We present you the results of your study and give you the final analysis deliverable containing all the elements specified in the proposal. This deliverable is audited by our quality department to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

We put our talents to work for you!

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