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Every year, IÉSEG CONSEIL carries out numerous business plans, mainly for early stage start-ups or entrepreneurs, in order to clarify the viability of their project but also for already established companies seeking to develop their activity with new products or services. Located within a renowned business school, IÉSEG CONSEIL surrounds itself with students and a faculty specialized in marketing and strategy. Our partner BNP Paribas also assists us in the drafting of business plans in order to guarantee you a deliverable in line with the expectations of banks in the context of a fund raising.

the main objectives

/ Measure the resources needed to launch the project (capital, human ...).

/ Measure the viability and profitability of the project: it is necessary to make sure that the revenues will cover the expenses and that the project will generate value.

/ Determine the break-even point of the project, i.e. the sales figures to be achieved in order to obtain a stable financial situation.

/ Validate the sustainability of the project in order to convince banks and investors to commit to the financing and launch of the project.


The purpose of a business plan is to develop your project in order to report on its viability and profitability. In order to do this, we will:

/ Develop a complete presentation of your project with you (synthesis of the project, who you are, who your partners are, your skills and motivations).
/ Carry out an analysis of your market: target market, target customers, evolution, entry barriers, competition, your positioning in relation to your competitors, the market shares you want to reach, demand and environment.

If you don't have this information, our project managers will propose you to carry out a market research in order to obtain all the necessary information for the drafting of the business plan. The business plan will allow you to:

/ Develop a presentation of the product or service you want to launch (project description, competitive advantages, manufacturing, industrial property, direct cost of production, prices).
/ Highlight your strategy (marketing approach, advertising policy, sales strategy, distribution channels, medium-term strategy, start-up planning).
/ Assess your financial viability and profitability by means of a financing plan, a financial forecast and highlighting your break-even point (price, costs, break-even point, activity, turnover, margin, simplified 3-year forecast income statement, job-resources table, project progress).

to go further

As indicated above and depending on the progress of your project, we can offer to carry out a market research beforehand in order to know the expectations of the consumers you wish to reach and a benchmark in order to understand how your offer will fit in with those of your competitors.


1/ Receipt of your request

Our structure acknowledges receipt of your request and puts you in contact with one of our project managers.

2/ Physical or telephone appointment

We define your needs and problems together. Thus, we will specify together the major stakes and objectives.

3/ Commercial proposal within 48 hours

Within this proposal, you will find a precise methodology for the conduct of your study, as well as a provisional schedule and a detailed budget.

4/ Launching the study

Following the signature of the commercial proposal, we start the study in accordance with the methodology established with you.

5/ Carrying out the study

We select the best contributors among our panel of students from IÉSEG School of Management to carry out your study. We accompany our consultants on a daily basis in order to provide you with an analysis with high added value.

6/ Delivery of the final deliverable

We present you the results of your study and give you the final analysis deliverable containing all the elements specified in the proposal. This deliverable is audited by our quality department to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

We put our talents to work for you!

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