Marketing & Strategy

Market Research, Benchmarking, Positioning study, Satisfaction study are all services that we offer you. These studies focus on understanding the competitive forces, potential customers and stakeholders involved in the value chain of your market. Whether it is for a product/service launch or a satisfaction analysis of your existing offer, our analyses and recommendations will enable you to take the relevant decisions in order to improve your company's performance. Our project managers and consultants adapt to your needs and will be able to be a force of proposal to help you create value for your customers.

Internal Audit

IÉSEG CONSEIL benefits from the expertise of its Audit and Control master students. This master's degree provides them with skills both on a technical level with the audit part but also on the consulting aspect and the formulation of recommendations. The majority of the studies we carry out are process audits, qualitative interviews with your employees or mystery visits. The objective of these studies is to carry out an objective inventory of your services/products, but also to make an impartial assessment of your organization and make recommendations to optimise its operations. This is made possible thanks to the fresh perspectives provided by our consultants.


Junior-Entrepreneurs, we are sensitive to the issues of innovation and entrepreneurship. Every year, we are committed to supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs in the creation of their project. The objective of our consultants is to enlighten and reassure you on the operational feasibility, viability and profitability of your project. To do so, we carry out Business Plans, launch studies or Focus Groups in order to identify the needs of the target and to measure the added value of your invention. Also, we are supported by our partner BNP Paribas, who actively supports innovation and trains us in the drafting of Business Plans.


Our consultants can carry out for you studies of communication plan, marketing strategy or notoriety. The overall objective of these studies is to help you improve your communication strategy, as well as to better target your customers thanks in particular to quantitative studies and NPS calculation. In particular, we can help you in the analysis or the drafting of your communication plan in order to optimize your strategy, especially on the digital aspect which allows to attract a maximum of new users and customers. We provide permanent support throughout the study in order to ensure that our response is in line with your expectations.


The Master of Finance is one of the most recognized Masters of the IÉSEG School of Management. We thus benefit from consultants trained by the best professors, researchers at the CNRS or consultants in the private sector. The important technical background they acquire during their academic course enables them to analyse with finesse the financial state of your company, the growth opportunities specific to your sector of activity and the means to be favoured to ensure sustainable growth. Also, based on your financial data, we can establish turnover and margin forecasts and calculate your profitability ratios in the short, medium and long term.

Human Resources

HR themes are at the heart of all companies. Ineffective recruitment coupled with a poor working atmosphere can drastically reduce a company's operational performance. To counter this, our consultants can assist you in identifying potential points of tension, often uncommunicated and therefore difficult to detect, within your company and help you to overcome them.
Audits and interviews, particularly of your recruitment management, can be conducted to review your processes and understand your overall operation. An audit report will be drawn up and will contain all the necessary recommendations to be implemented within your structure.

We put our talents to work for you!

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