IÉSEG CONSEIL is a student consulting firm composed of 55 Junior-Entrepreneurs. This name reflects the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and willingness that characterizes us. Our entrepreneurial commitment is a leitmotiv, it is transcribed in our 3 values which are the union, the surpassing and the entrepreneurship. We have always supported entrepreneurs in order to help them overcome the barriers and obstacles they encounter.
According to INSEE, 162,155 businesses were created in the Paris Region in 2016 and 32,195 in the Hauts-de-France region in 2015, with a 5-year survival rate of less than 34%. Among these failures, 42% mention the absence of market needs, 18% a mismatch in price between supply and demand and 14% the lack of consumer information. Our consultants are trained to help you deal with these difficulties. They have already helped many entrepreneurs to better understand their market, the potential of their products/services and the needs of their prospects. Our advice and analysis, particularly in the context of a strategic shift with a redesign of the range of services, will enable you to move forward more serenely in your entrepreneurial adventure. Entrepreneurs regularly call on us for these issues:


Market research is the first reflex that an entrepreneur must have in order to understand the environment in which he wishes to evolve, the needs and expectations of consumers. However, this understanding of the market cannot be limited to entrepreneurs or early stage start-ups because the business model must be constantly questioned and it is our role to help you better understand these issues. In order to advise you, our consultants carry out a global analysis of supply and demand. The supply analysis will identify the services offered on the market by your competitors, while the demand analysis will allow you to identify consumer needs and future trends. Our objectives are multiple, we wish to enable you to evolve in a "blue ocean", to have a rate of customer acquisition/loyalty consistent and to become quickly leader in your sector of activity.


The business plan is the essential element for an entrepreneur if he wants to convince investors to raise funds. The purpose of a business plan is to detail your project analytically in order to account for its viability and profitability. To do this, we carry out for you an analysis of your market (target market, target customers, evolution, barriers to entry, competition, your positioning in relation to your competitors, the market shares you wish to reach, demand and environment). As part of our analysis, we measure the resources required to launch your project (capital, human resources, etc.) as well as the viability and break-even point of the project. This in order to validate the sustainability of your project and to convince your investors (bank, business angels, BPI...etc) for a possible fund raising.


The start-up strategy can be studied in its own right. Start-ups have the particularity of being agile and of being able to quickly turn to a more buoyant sector of activity. This ability to change sector or customer target in record time is one of the characteristics and advantages of start-ups, but this strategic pivot is not without risk and this is precisely where we come in. In order to control and limit this strategic risk, we analyse your environment to check the adequacy of your strategy with the market and its players. The objective is to identify emerging trends in order to adapt your strategy and thus help you gain a competitive advantage. This advantage will allow you to have a rapid and sustainable growth thanks to a strong customer acquisition due to the identification of the "blue ocean".

entrepreneurial PACKAGE

Market research, the business plan and the strategy are the essential pillars prior to the establishment of a start-up and remain indispensable once the start-up has reached maturity, as the business model must be constantly questioned. However, this list of pillars is not exhaustive. An entrepreneur must also have a modern website focused on the customer experience in the digital age, an effective communication plan, a physical prototype of the proposed product... In collaboration with other Junior-Enterprises in Engineering schools, we can create your website and implement all the services necessary for its smooth operation. It is also possible to make a model of your project if it is material, a prototype that will always help investors to better understand the interest of the project. We can also write your communication plan and carry out an audit of it over several months to allow you to adapt the strategy in real time according to user feedback.


We put our talents to work for you!

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