The construction industry in France is made up of 501,787 companies and, above all, 98% of companies below the threshold of 20 employees [sources: SIRENE directory as of 1 January 2014 and CAPEB/ACOSS estimate]. IÉSEG CONSEIL therefore divides its offers into two parts, on the one hand companies with less than 20 employees, and on the other hand trade unions and companies with more than 20 employees. Indeed, 71% of the turnover of companies with fewer than 20 employees is generated on the housing market. Moreover, this same turnover is mainly generated by the maintenance and improvement of buildings (59%). Thus, the smallest companies are mainly engaged in maintenance and renovation tasks, whereas the large groups turn to pure construction. Within IÉSEG CONSEIL, we can assist companies in these different fields of activity. Indeed, our group has skills in customer follow-up in order to offer our assistance to the smallest companies as well as in logistics and competitive and sectorial intelligence to respond to the problems of the largest groups.

According to INSEE, 64% of companies in the construction sector are micro-companies and 98% of them are companies with less than 20 employees. After numerous studies carried out in this field, IÉSEG CONSEIL has the expertise to meet the needs surrounding the structures of this sector. Although large groups represent only 2% of companies in the construction industry in France, they alone account for more than 35% of the annual turnover [source: Study September 2016 - Artisanat du Bâtiment CAPEB]. Obviously, the problems encountered by these companies are different. Indeed, the construction industry is undergoing profound changes: the arrival of artificial intelligence, efforts to transition to more sustainable construction and the emergence of new technologies such as 3D printing bring new challenges. More than ever, the French construction industry has therefore new issues, to which we are able to provide solutions. This is why we offer services aimed both at companies with less than 20 employees to help them in their strategic choices and operational management, and at the same time more oriented services for the largest groups in the construction industry.


In the face of increasingly fierce competition and diversification of construction companies, it is essential to be well positioned in this market. Companies need to analyse their external situation in relation to their competitors, the means put in place and the expectations of customers. The role of IÉSEG CONSEIL is to help the client by giving him detailed and clear answers. In order to accompany you, our consultants carry out market research and set up processes allowing a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the issues surrounding the market. These analyses allow you to increase your customer portfolio and gain a competitive advantage. However, it is with you that we establish the objectives allowing us to carry out the most relevant study possible.


The construction boom and the logistics of the future have also boosted the French market for construction and handling equipment. It is therefore necessary to take a broader look at the possibilities downstream and upstream of this industry. We are witnessing a 4th revolution in our French industries, on which companies are relying to offer more and more precise solutions. Thus, in order to choose the most suitable solutions to offer, IÉSEG CONSEIL carries out market research for the major groups in the building and public works sector.


The RGE standard created in 2011 by the State and ADEME is an undeniable guarantee of quality for construction companies. In particular, this standard requires that customer satisfaction be assessed once the work has been completed. As customer satisfaction is highly variable in the building sector, having a real approach to improving it is an important differentiating factor. As some customers may have reservations about the final result of the work, the objective is to identify the reasons for this. This approach allows you to maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers. IÉSEG CONSEIL conducts satisfaction studies in the construction and public works sector in different ways: by carrying out focus groups, or by adapting them for each of your clients.


The major building groups are continually developing new projects and using new techniques. From 3D printing to bio-mimicry, the new challenge for these groups is to be able to implement these technologies on building sites by ensuring internal logistics (transport and human capital management) but also by taking into account the recycling of products and the carbon footprint of their building site. IÉSEG CONSEIL is at the service of groups to deal with these issues upstream of construction sites and carries out feasibility studies for you.


The share of women in the workforce and working conditions are among the most prevalent issues in the construction sector. There are several major challenges for the construction trade unions in France. For example, IÉSEG CONSEIL offers social climate studies to these unions.


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